Viewpoint Europe GmbH

With more than 20-years background and experience, Viewpoint Europe is your reliable and competent market research provider in Germany. As an independent, owner-managed company ever since its inception, today, Viewpoint Europe prides itself on its exceptionally strong position within a European-wide network. You can find our central-location facilities in some of the most important commercial and financial centers Hamburg and Frankfurt on the Main River.

Viewing facilities in Frankfurt and Hamburg, supported by our in-house recruitment team. We specialize in car clinics and can handle all of your recruitment needs in B2C and B2B across all industry sectors.

Our studios are perfectly situated, where there are international hotels, exclusive shops and a variety of bars and restaurants within walking distance.

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Burchardstr. 14
20095 Hamburg

Telephone: +49 40 36 98 28 0

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