At the heart of The Research Club is our desire to connect people within the Market Research Industry.

We host a series of business networking events which provide the opportunity to make new contacts, develop national and international business opportunities and keep up to date with the latest industry developments. Whether you are a provider from the supply side based in Asia, a full service agency based in New York or an end client user of research, there’s nothing we like better than bringing people together for their mutual benefit. We’ve been connecting people since 2007 and believe that this style of networking is key to building strong relations. Accordingly, we widen our geographical reach to new markets and collaborate with the many of the industry’s leading conference organisations.

We now host up to 20 events a year, covering the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, with a growing membership of 10,000 members worldwide.

The Research Club is a not for profit organisation.

The Team


The Research Club is an independent company founded and owned by Company Directors Bob Qureshi, Jonathan Wheeler & John Mackay

Advisory Board

  • Derek Watkinson Consultant Independent Consultant
  • Ben Leet Research Specialist
  • Bernard Stringer Associate Partner OC&C Strategy Consultants
  • Clare Partington Marketing Manager RP Translate Market Research
  • Adam Camm Strategic Marketing Manager FocusVision
  • David Paull Founder & CEO Dialsmith

What People Say

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our attendees and sponsors have said…

  • Allan Shaw

    Allan Shaw Former CEOQuenchtec -

    “QuenchTec are proud sponsors of Research Club as we have always found the events to be well attended, extremely well organised and "the" place to be if you want to extend your reach in the MR world... we are offered many opportunities to exhibit and sponsor but Research Club is always at the top of our list.”

  • Cindy Cunningham

    Cindy Cunningham Vice-PresidentC&C Market Research Inc -

    “C&C has been attending and sponsoring The Research Club events for about 5 years now and we cannot think of a better way to network with fellow colleagues and clients. The Research Club events are usually more beneficial for networking purposes than the conferences. We have met many new clients as well as forged lifelong friendships with The Research Club.”

  • Elfriede Meyer-Roennau

    Elfriede Meyer-Roennau Founder & Managing Directorat random International -

    “We have been sponsors of the Research Club since it started, expanding from London all over Europe and the rest of the World in 2010. This is the place to be, if you want to connect with inspiring people from the market research industry, to meet old friends and new clients. For us, this is the most effective way of networking there is. And most of all: it's fun!”

  • Romain Leray

    Romain Leray UK ManagerMade in Surveys -

    “The Research Club events are definitely the best networking events I’ve been too. Great to meet new people from the industry as well as having a nice time. Sponsoring the events is a great way to increase brand awareness and we will continue to do so!”

  • Jens Cornelissen

    Jens Cornelissen Managing Director Europe & North AmericaMerlien Institute -

    “The Research Club events are always good fun and a great way to wrap up a busy conference day. We at MRMW see them as a great addition to our conferences.”

  • John Temple

    John Temple Finance DirectorRP Translate Ltd -

    “We have found the events to be very well-organised and good for networking (with a big dash of fun). Sponsoring has certainly helped us reach out to many more people and the support from the TRC team has been wonderful. As a result, we are sponsoring again for 2017!”

  • Anna

    Anna Corporate Consultation OfficerWalsall Council -

    “I attended the Birmingham networking event, it was my first introduction to The Research Club and what an introduction! I had a great night and came away not only full of lovely cocktails but full of ideas, renewed vigour for what I want to do next and a pocket full of contacts. I got more out of my £15 networking ticket than other industry events & memberships!”

  • Adam Birss

    Adam Birss VP, Business Planning DivisionRakuten AIP -

    “Sponsoring The Research Club allows us to connect with clients and partners in a social setting, a little away from the bustle of the conference. The organization is impeccable, venues are well chosen, and a good time is always had by all.”

  • Hanna Assouline

    Hanna Assouline Birmingham Facility ManagerMade In Surveys UK -

    “As Platinum sponsor of The Research Club Birmingham event, the support in advertising the facilities was superb!! Everyone who attended left knowing who we are and what we do, and that’s exactly what we wanted.”

  • Sarah Kotva

    Sarah Kotva Vice PresidentFieldwork Network -

    “Fieldwork is proud to sponsor and partner with The Research Club. We have found TRC events to be a successful way to network and learn from others in the Market Research Community. Events are well planned in advance and generally concur with other industry events. Working with Tara couldn’t be easier, she has been super helpful and was able to prepare a special sponsorship package for our budget.”

  • David Paull

    David Paull Founder / CEODialsmith -

    “For years, The Research Club has been mainstay of our networking and sponsorship efforts. Between the industry visibility, and the ability to connect with so many relevant people in a fun, casual atmosphere, these events are an incredible value. We also love the fact that, because of TRC’s global reach, we can pick and choose from the regional events that will meet our marketing needs at any time.”

  • Alexandra Pegasiou

    Alexandra Pegasiou Associate DirectorThe FieldBox -

    “We gain a huge amount from both attending and sponsoring The Research Club events all around the world. They are great networking events to connect with people from the market research industry. We look forward to all the events that they host, as we not only build on existing relationships but gain new contacts and have fun in the process! ”

  • Oliver Kohrmann

    Oliver Kohrmann Managing DirectorIngress GmbH -

    “Meeting market research insiders in a spectacular, informal and fun atmosphere is just one of many reasons for us to sponsor and attend The Research Club events. We have always taken back some good memories and look forward for many more to come, that’s why for us exhibitions, conferences and The Research Club events go hand in hand.”

  • Syri Kullashi

    Syri Kullashi UK General Manager2x4 Market Research -

    “Understand our clients on a personal level – achieving mutual trust and cohesive partnership growth. All from a clink of a wine glass at a sponsored Research Club event.”

  • Federica Curcui

    Federica Curcui Head of BranchIFF International -

    “IFF International has been taking part and sponsoring The Research Club global networking events for the past 3 years. The event are a great platform for networking with people in the market research industry and a great way to enjoy a fun evening with colleagues and partners.”

  • David Brett

    David Brett Global Sales DirectorLanguage Connect -

    “Language Connect has been proud to sponsor a number of global RC events. It is a great platform for networking with our existing and future clients in an exciting environment that celebrates Market Research.”

  • Martin Sippel

    Martin Sippel Managing PartnerResearch & Results -

    “It has always been a pleasure to work with Tara, John, Bob and Jonathan. I am looking forward to a successful partnership in the upcoming years.”