Full Colour Research was founded from a desire to evolve and modernize traditional methods of research, developed after 15 years of working within the market research industry. Our knowledge isn’t only limited to insight – we’ve worked at all levels of the industry, gaining invaluable experience in recruitment, fieldwork and viewing, giving us a unique advantage when working with market research suppliers. We have extensive experience working with FMCG companies across a variety of sectors and methodologies, with specialist expertise in Youth & Millennial research. We are proud members of the AQR, holding positions as board members, in addition to being individual members of the Market Research Society.

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Cambos House,
3 Canal Street,
M1 3HE

Telephone: +44 (0)161 464 6715
Email: newbusiness@fullcolourresearch.com
Web: www.fullcolourresearch.co.uk/

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