Fieldwork Inc

Fieldwork has provided global field management, recruiting, facilities and online tools for research professionals for over 35 years.

Fieldwork has 15 research facilities across the US, each with onsite recruiting, local databases and experienced project managers.

Fieldwork Network is a group of dedicated project managers that field multi-city projects across the globe, with one point of contact for everything from bidding to invoice.  We have extensive relationship with vetted field partners worldwide, and experience with cultures and customer in over 50 countries.

Fieldwork Anywhere can make any two rooms into a fully equipped focus group facility including recording, hosting, recruiting and observation area.  Great for small markets.

Fieldwork Webwork provides all of the tools and support needed for online research, with a team that understands the ins and outs of the market research industry.

Fieldwork National Recruiting Center (NRC) can recruit respondents to any location in the US.  With a vast database and specialists in out-of-the-box recruiting, we can take on any project, anywhere.

Focus on the research.  We’ll do the rest.

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111 E Wacker Drive, Suite 220
Chicago, IL 60601

Telephone: +1 800-863-4353

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