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Facet Squared is clarity. A crystal-clear picture of what you need and how to get it done right. No smoke. No mirrors. Only transparency at every stage, every day. Why? Because we’ve been research clients, too. We know – better than anyone – exactly how to make your life easier. We know how to satisfy your budget, your timeline, and even your boss. And that’s quite a vision.

Facet Squared is everywhere. Our solid, decades-long partnerships spanning the globe – from Thailand to Brazil to Rwanda – give you access to the world’s highest quality facilities, specialized recruiters, moderators and translators. In short: we put the most revealing, usable cultural insights in the palm of your hand.

Facet Squared makes you look good. What comes with 25 years’ combined experience? Knowing how to service your project with the perfect sampling methodology, programming, cross-tabbing and coding. Deftly handling security and compliance requirements. And ultimately, cutting problems off at the pass. We have spent over a decade in the trenches, which allows us to anticipate problems before they ever occur.

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Telephone: +1 404 357 5251
Email: jeremy.stabile@facet-squared.com
Web: www.facet-squared.com/

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