FUEL is a full-service field management firm, specialising in front-to-back fieldwork across the globe. We offer collaborative visions from unrivalled field directors with 40+ years of experience. Our team delivers a mastered set of global qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including face-to-face and online expertise. With a worldwide network of heavily-vetted partners and 24/7 support, our powerful team is highly proactive, appropriately flexible, and committed to discovering precisely what fuels your world.
The Focus Room, our boutique studio located in New York City, has been recognised as a top-rated qualitative agency for 30 years. Designed to optimise qualitative research, our studio features state-of-the-art technology, three modern suites, flexible layouts, stylish furnishings, and an expert management team.

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693 5th Avenue,
10th FL,
New York,
NY 10022

Telephone: 001 847-345-9381
Email: info@fuelyourworld.com
Web: www.fuelyourworld.com/

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